New Mexico State Information



Key Provisions

  • CREATES a missing persons information clearinghouse in the Department of Public Safety.
  • CLEARINGHOUSE is a central repository of information on missing persons and shall be used by all law enforcement agencies, including tribal agencies, in the state.
    • Establish a system of intrastate communication of information relating to missing persons
    • Provide a centralized file for the exchange of information on missing persons and unidentified bodies of persons within the state
    • Communicate with the national crime information center for the exchange of information on missing persons suspected of interstate travel
  • CLEARINGHOUSE shall cross-check and attempt to match unidentified bodies with descriptions of missing persons.
  • WHEN a possible match between an unidentified body and a missing person description is found, the clearinghouse shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies.   
  • LAW enforcement agencies that receive notice of a possible match shall make arrangements for positive identification. 
  • IF a positive identification is made, the law enforcement agency shall complete and close the investigation with written notification to the clearinghouse.  

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